Treated Wood: Is it Something to Paint

Are you looking to add a wood structure to your property? There are different options you can go for when it comes to adding a wooden structure from decks to patios or even pergolas. Generally, when a wooden structure is chosen, they are usually chosen for their natural aesthetic and the warmth they give. What you’ll find wood though, mainly treated wood though, is that you have the option to have it painted for further creativity.

Unlike regular wood, treated wood is identified as a type of wood that has been subjected to a chemical preservative process. The thing that makes treated wood different is that a waterborne preservative is applied to the wood. This leaves behind a chemical residue that prevents fungi from infesting it. With the right preparation, you can have it painted as you like. Another option you can also go for is having a professional service like Newcastle Carpenters to work on the painting for you.

How to Prepare Treated Wood for Painting

When you first purchase treated wood, you will find that the liquid chemical preservatives are still present in the lumber, causing it to feel extremely heavy, and damp to the touch. Because of this, you will need to let it dry before any paint is applied. The drying process will occur naturally as the liquid preservative works its way back to the surface of the wood. You can have the option to have it dried under the sun but the exposure can cause an unexpected warp.

Testing whether the wood is ready for painting is rather simple; just drop a few drops of water on the wood. If the water soaks into the wood pores, then the treated wood is dry enough to paint. Otherwise, if the water beads on the surface, it will need further drying. Another indication of dry treated wood is that it takes on a light yellow-brown colour. So long as you do not keep the wet treated wood in a dark and damp space, the drying process should be smooth.

Painting Treated Wood

Painting-wise, the process of painting a treated wood is not that much different from painting untreated wood. The first thing that you will want to do is to apply a good exterior-grade primer on your treated wood. Be sure to allow an allotted time for the prime to cure for the manufacturer’s suggested time.

Once this is done, use a brush, roller, or paint spray rig to apply even coats of paint to your project. Be sure to ensure each layer is dry before applying additional coats and to create better paint adhesion, you have the option to lightly sand it. A suggested material to sand it with is 220-grit/extra-fine sandpaper between each coat. Should this whole process seem a lot for any treated wood projects you have in mind, you can go for a professional service for a smoother process. One option you can select from is Newcastle Carpenters.

Why Have Newcastle Carpenters as an Option to Paint your Treated Wood

Newcastle Carpenters is a carpentry service that offers a wide variety of services and is dedicated to giving clients the safest working conditions and high-quality services. While you are free to have your treated wood painted by yourself, professionals at Newcastle Carpenters can ensure a hassle-free and convenient experience for any painting project. Aside from that, this professional service group has plenty of references you can explore on their site to see if they fit your painting needs.


To put it simply, treated wood is indeed something that you can paint so long as you know how to prep it. The overall process can take some time depending on the project you aim to do but the right tools can smoothen things out. If you prefer a professional service group to have the process done for you to lessen any hassle, Newcastle Carpenters is an option you can go for if you would like professionals that have worked on a variety of projects. Overall, there are plenty of options you can have with painting treated wood.

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