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Timber Flooring Newcastle Carpenters

Homeowners have always loved timber floorings. It’s elegant and durable. Timber floorings transform a home into a warm and cosy environment. Aside from its natural beauty, it’s also affordable and long-lasting. Another best feature of timber floorings is they are hypoallergenic – meaning they don’t trap any dust and allergens.

A professionally installed timber floor is guaranteed to last long – provided that it is well-maintained. At Newcastle Carpenters, our team is reliable and pays attention to small details. We can also repair or replace your old and damaged decks.

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Types of Timber Floorings Species

Timber floorings have a variety of species you can choose from. In choosing timber flooring, you must consider the grade and strength of the floorings. Depending on your purpose, you can choose the hardness of timber. The harder it is, the more it can resist damage, indention, or abrasion. Different colours and textures are also available.

  • Brush Box
  • Blackbutt
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Forest Reds
  • Red Ironbark
  • Australia Beech
  • Flooded Gum

Timber Flooring Installation Methods

Before we install the timber floors, we prepare the subfloor first by removing existing tiles or any floorings, then install the plywood.


Using a large stapler, the timber floorings are secured to the plywood. This is a quick yet expensive way to install timber floors.


If you have existing timber floorings or tiles that you don’t want to remove, an adhesive can be used to install the new timber flooring over the existing or old tiles.

Nailing Down

Nailing down is the often used method because it’s the easiest method and can be used by non-professionals.


Only engineered timber floorings can be installed using this method. It does not require nails. There are floating planks that rest on top of a cork pad or flooring material.

After installing the timber flooring, the next step is to smoothen the timber floor by sanding. You can also make old timber floors look new again by sanding them. We use dust-free sanding equipment to make sure our workers and your family are safe.

After sanding, we polish your timber floors for protection. Colour is applied during this stage, however, most of our customers want to keep the natural colour and appearance of timber floors.

it takes up to 24 hours for you to be able to use the area. However, it is not recommended to walk on the new timber floors barefoot or in shoes.

Expert in Timber Floorings

We have been installing timber floorings for many years. We offer competitive prices and we also consider your allocated budget when planning. Our team will consider and prioritise your requests and suggestions. Our team proactively gives friendly advice on how they can improve your decking project.

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If you’re unsure about timber floorings, our professional team can answer all your questions in detail. We can’t wait to start your decking project with us!