Tips on Choosing Your Timber Flooring Colour

A timber flooring is one of the different durable and visually appealing options that you can choose for your home. What makes this material different in comparison is its natural aesthetic and warm tones. There are a number of different types and styles that you can pick for different timber flooring designs. One other factor that offers different choices to help enhance or complement the space, is the colour. When it comes to choosing the colour for your timber flooring, there are different considerations to be made with it.

Factors in Choosing Timber Flooring Colour

There are different tones and hues that come with different types of wood for timber flooring. If you are looking to enhance a room with a certain timber flooring, there are different points that you will want to note first:

The Undertones

Just like with painting, different types of hardwood can bring different undertones. Whether it be a warm or cool undertone, there are different effects it can bring to a room. When considering a timber flooring colour, you will want to consider how its undertone may end up affecting other features in the room such as the furniture or wall colour. Depending on the style of the room, you can also consider doing a mixture of tones to help enhance the space.

The Amount of Sunlight

One of the biggest things that can affect any kind of wood type material is sunlight. If you’re installing wood in a room with a lot of sunlight, this will result in a different daytime and nighttime look. Without the proper protection, extended exposure to UV rays can at best, lead to lightening or darkening and at worst, damage. If you find yourself set on a certain colour or type, you will want to consult a professional service group on the best way to have it protected or redirect the sunlight.

Swatches and Samples for Testing

If you find yourself unsure of what timber colour appeals to you, the best option is to get swatches or samples for testing. Aside from this, it can also help discern how different it can look when placed in your home or the lighting it may end up under. Testing colours will also help you see how the hue coordinates with your home decor and furniture. You can also consider taking more than one sample as a way to compare and break down your choices.

Upkeep Needed

While certain wood types and colours may be appealing for your choice of space, there is also the factor of the maintenance needed that needs to be considered. A difference in how certain options need simple or high upkeep can help determine if it fits with your lifestyle. More than this, knowing the upkeep can also help to determine which choices are able to handle the different conditions of the space that it will be installed in.

Room Size and Other Features

The size of the room you aim to have your timber flooring installed in can also count as a big factor in what timber flooring colours would work or not. With larger rooms, it is recommended to go for deep colours. As for smaller rooms with limited lighting or darker coloured walls, you will want to choose lighter coloured wood flooring. Flooring that is too dark will create a sense of doom and gloom within the room.

Why Have Newcastle Carpenters Help With Your Choice

As helpful as it can be to note the different considerations that come with choosing a timber flooring colour, a quality result can be gained with the help of a professional service group. One group that can guarantee an experienced and quality array of services is Newcastle Carpenters. When choosing to have Newcastle Carpenters, you can gain a number of different options to meet any flooring needs with open communication on what timber flooring colours would work best.


Timber flooring is one of the more stylish options you can select for your property. When it comes to selecting what kind of timber flooring you would like, one feature that can affect the overall selection is the colour. Choosing the wrong colour can end up affecting the overall aesthetic of the room. By considering factors like the undertone and the room size, you can end up with a timber flooring that can enhance your room.

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