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If you have an unusable space in your outdoors, you must be considering adding a deck. A deck is a wise choice to extend your exterior space. Adding a deck is a good investment and adds beauty to your outdoor space.

Decks are aesthetically pleasing. To ensure high-quality and long lasting decks, have it professionally installed. Here at Newcastle Carpenters, our team is experienced and trained to build decks that are made with the finest materials in the market.



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Different Types of Decking Materials

Softwood Decking

There are two types of softwood decking – the natural and the pressure-treated.

Cedar is an example of a natural softwood. It contains tannins and oils which prevent insects from attacking it. They are much more expensive than timbers, but require little maintenance to retain their look.

Pressure-treated timber is affordable and readily available. However, pressure-treated timbers are prone to warping and cracking. Aside from that, regular maintenance is required to maintain its original look and texture.

Hardwood Decking

Examples of hardwood are mahogany and oak. Hardwoods are very strong and durable. It is a popular option because it can prevent rotting and insect attacks. The only downside with hardwood is they are very difficult to install. Hardwoods are low-maintenance and can combat wear and tear. They come in different colours, strengths, and grainings. However, hardwood is more expensive than softwood.

Composite Decking

Composite woods are weather-resistant and won’t easily split or crack. This is a popular option for decks because it has superior qualities and does not require a lot of maintenance. Finishing is not required because composite woods come in different colours.

Metal Decking

If you want a strong and long-lasting material, you can consider metal. Metal deckings are not easily damaged by water.

How To Maintain Your Deck

Regular maintenance is important to make your decks last longer and prevent repairs caused by damages.

  • All furniture must be moved before cleaning the decks. Make sure to not drag the furniture because it will ruin your deckings and leave scratches that are hard to remove.
  • Be careful in using cleaning detergents because some may cause damage. So, we suggest to test a small area first and see how your deck will react.
  • To maintain its looks and texture, deckings should be washed at least twice a year.

Decking Experts

Decks are a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor space. Having a professional  design and install it for you is a good investment. Here at Newcastle Carpenters, we build high-quality decks made with the finest materials. Our team will always prioritise your suggestions and plans. We are reliable and finish our projects on time.

We are committed to provide you with excellent decking service in Newcastle. Whether you need to repair your decks or install a new one – we are here to help!