Contactors and the Different Ways they Can Cheat a Client

Usually, when you choose a contractor to work on your home, you will want someone that not only delivers quality service but can also fit with your budget needs. However, if you are not careful in how you select your contractor or professional service group, you may find yourself losing more money than you should with a service. More than this, you may find that your choice of contractor delivers less than competent service. To be frank, there are more than a few ways that a contractor can cheat you if you are not careful enough to check.

5 Methods that a Contractor Uses to Cheat You

With the different services and contractors available to choose from, you will find that there are also a variety of ways that you can lose against a service without proper diligence. Out of the different ways that a contractor can cheat you, there are 5 popular ways you will want to look out for:

Cutting Corners or The Draw and Dash

You’ll find that in order to save some time, a contractor will cut corners by skimping on materials and how they’re applied. These include poorly installed fastenings or poor framings. Usually, this deed is done in small instalments and unsafe results are only shown during completion. The different ways that a contractor can skimp on their work can add up without notice and this is not the only way they cut corners. Another way they do this is with what is called the draw and dash method.

With this method, they essentially take an advanced payment meant for materials and place any work on hold. Not only this, they string clients along by creating stories of there being issues with the materials or otherwise. Basically, there are different ways that a contractor can not only drop in their quality or responsibility.

“Bait and Switch”

Some contractors will try to lure in a client by offering them a certain service or package deal to appeal to them but in the end, offer something overcharged. Either that or they promise high-quality materials only to deliver something subpar in the end. Sometimes they can even do this in a way that you do not notice unless you are familiar with the material. Another way you can look at this method is a more elaborate method to material swapping but still results in money loss.

Skipping on Prep

A contractor will reduce labour time and increase profit margins by omitting any needed prep work. This method is usually seen with a painting project along with roofing or installation of doors and windows. From skipping on primer to missing out on insulation, this lack of protective measures for your property’s different structures can result in a higher rate of wear and tear over time.

Stretching the Project Timeline

One of the important things to keep in mind is confirming a timeline for any project. With no timeline implemented, a contractor can dodge around stipulating a time frame, especially when they are taking on numerous projects. With this method, a contractor can simply prolong or drop your project toin order to seek out better pay with another project. If they waffle around any scheduling or questions regarding it, this is a red flag to note.


This is essentially an encapsulation of contractors using less than quality materials and cutting corners resulting in low-quality results. In order to skimp time and keep any profit they gain, contractors will do whatever they do to speed through the project even with subpar results. If you are not aware of what you can gain with your projects or are not careful in your contractor selection an underbuilt project can occur.

Ways to Avoid these Cheats

One of the best ways that you can avoid any of these methods being used against you is to ensure that you have hired someone who is fully insured plus check their references. Documentation and inspection of any process can go a long way in ensuring that you are delivered quality results. What’s more, asking questions and looking into the materials used can go a long way for your property. If you feel like you are unable to go through a thorough inspection, you have the option to hire someone to assist with any inspection.

Why Consider Newcastle Carpenters as a Choice in Contractors

There are plenty of quality options when it comes to selecting a contractor that best fits your project needs. Among the different options, however, you will find that Newcastle Carpenters can offer highly qualified and competent carpenters to assure excellent service. You will also find that this professional service group focuses on building great communication and delivering quality craftsmanship with their clients for further assurance. In selecting a professional service, it would be good to have this team on your list.


A contractor can do a lot for your property but if you are not careful in your selection, you will find that there are also a variety of ways that they can cheat you. From skimping in the building structure to making you lose money with a prolonged project and subpar materials, a contractor can do a lot against your property. The best thing that can be done against this is to ensure their experience and reputation plus confirm a contract to stipulate concrete details or simply have an inspection done. To add to this, you will want to consider services like Newcastle Carpenters to further smooth things out for your project.

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